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Rub You Right


Josephine Jackson is a masseuse that likes to establish the scene for her seductions properly. Candlelight, as well as a massage therapy table, are made to make Renato comfy. Josephine grabs a pitcher of oil and rubs her slicked hands versus Renato’s back. Seeing to it there’s a lot of oil, she caresses him tough as well as deep to aid him to relax. Once Josephine has finished with Renato’s limbs, she moves her hands underneath the towel to reach his butt.

Climbing onto the table, she digs in deep to make sure Renato’s base is functioning nicely. She prepares for something a little much more sensuous by peeling off her t-shirt and lubing up her huge naturals. Once they’re unsafe, Josephine leans onward to massage therapy Renato with her tits. Removing the towel, Josephine turns Renato over and afterward climbs up back on the top.

Her container of oil can be found in convenience once again as she showers it over his chest. Leaning onward, Josephine rubs her busts versus Renato’s chest, after that lower to give him a titty fuck between those spectacular containers. When Renato’s fuck stick behaves and is also lubed up, Josephine moves down his body to open her mouth and start sucking.

Once Josephine has satisfied herself with cock, she peels off her tight trousers and also climbs onto Renato’s hardon. Sliding down on his fuck stick is very easy given that he’s good and also lubed up. Leaning back, Josephine rocks her hips in an alluring rhythm that revs both of their engines. Riding Renato is a delight, but he’s not thinking about allowing Josephine to keep all the power in this combination.

He urges Josephine onto her hands and also knees. Still, on the table, he turns up behind Josephine and also slides in. The doggy style leaves her moaning for much more, especially when Renato yanks her backward so that she is stooping as he is hidden inside her. Rolling onto her back, Josephine spreads her upper legs to welcome Renato back within.

She smiles as he leans in for an intimate pussy battering where they maintain eye contact as Josephine takes off in delight. Renato pulls out and also goes in for a titty fuck, which goes on up until he strikes his tons in Josephine’s grinning face.

Date: May 15, 2022